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WIP Power of the Purse Mentoring Program

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The Women in Philanthropy (WIP) Mentoring Program is a six month program designed to introduce women to the social service community and connect them to opportunities to serve. Mentors focus on developing mentees' passion for our community and philanthropy.

Program Expectations

  • Six month program
  • Pairs will meet in person and/or over the phone three to six times during the six month period (mentors and mentees schedule these meetings together, based on your own schedules)
  • Each pair will choose a nonprofit agency in central New Mexico to visit together
  • A UWCNM staffer will touch base with each pair at least twice during the six month period to see how things are going
  • Attend kick-off and wrap-up luncheons - dates and details will be provided upon acceptance into the program
  • Pairs will be highlighted at the Power of the Purse main event

Benefits of Participation


  • Personal satisfaction in helping to encourage and inspire a mentee's growth and community involvement
  • Greater connection to a central New Mexico nonprofit, as well as increased awareness of the work of other local agencies
  • Promote and encourage Women in Philanthropy involvement
  • Teach and help to develop leadership and volunteerism skills


  • Increased understanding of giving to our community
  • Greater connection to a central New Mexico nonprofit, as well as increased awareness of the work of other local agencies
  • Learn about different opportunities in the community to get involved with and connect to your passion
  • Support your leadership development and improve your philanthropic efforts
  • Learn from your mentor's experience

Participant Expectations


You have the ability to make a difference in the life of your mentee! The success of this program is highly dependent upon your leadership and participation. Your mentee’s perception of the program’s value is based upon the relationship they have with you as their mentor. Successful mentors will:

  • Stay in contact with thier mentee
  • Demonstrate leadership and commitment to philanthropy
  • Be involved in community and volunteerism
  • Have a commitment to sharing and having fun
  • Be members of Women in Philanthropy


The success of this program is highly dependent upon your ability to be receptive and actively participate in the process. Without hearing about your needs your mentor cannot help you achieve your goals. All participants in the program are encouraged to take ownership of the process and responsibility for their role in the program. Here are some tips to make the relationship successful:

  • Stay in contact with your mentor
  • Be commited to learning and having fun while doing it
  • Take a genuine interest in community involvement
  • Remain open and receptive to feedback and coaching
  • Be willing to develop a sense of self and personal vision with philanthropy 

Basic Guidelines to Get Started

  • Establish interests and expectations
  • Establish preferred meeting times and places
  • Consider events and other activities you can participate in together
  • Set personal and program goals

Mentoring Program Application (open annually until March 31)