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Financial Accountability

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We value every donation we receive from individuals, companies and partners.

Thanks to our Cornerstone Partners, UWCNM manages, provides, and offers programs that directly impact central New Mexicans. Cornerstone gifts also help fund UWCNM collaborations such as 2-1-1, Tax Help New Mexico, the Center for Nonprofit Excellence and Mission: Graduate.

Community Oversight

Each year 300 volunteers provide a rigorous, informed, and fair review for programs that seek UWNCM funding. Programs are examined for need, for efficiency and effectiveness, and for financial accountability in order to provide quality assurance on behalf of all donors. Donors are also welcome to participate on the citizen review panels.

Our Stats

  • 11.8% - Amount of annual budget in 2015/2016 that went to administrative costs
  • 3.0% - Percentage of pledges that were uncollectible (United Ways nationally average 6.5%)
  • 10+ - Number of years UWCNM has conducted annual independent financial audits

UWCNM has worked hard to ensure that our accountability practices are water tight. The UWCNM Finance Committee meets six times per year to review expenditures and financial statements. They also help set fiscal policies that extend to information systems and human resources.

How We Ensure Accountability

We strive for the highest integrity and commit to best practices in accountability so you can be assured that your donation will make the most impact possible. Some of the practices we have in place to ensure this outcome are:

  • Regular financial status reports at Executive and Board of Director meetings from our Finance Committee Chair.
  • Approval of annual budget and audited financial statements by the Finance Committee and Board of Directors
  • Finance subcommittees composed of professionals with expertise in the areas of investment, human resources, audit, budget, and information systems
  • Involvement of UWCNM President and CEO as a Finance Committee member
  • Regular and frequent contact of Finance committee members and finance staff
  • Acceptance of written pledges only
  • Reserve funds that cover six months of operating expense and six months of Community Fund grant monies
  • Yearly independent audit from a reputable, local accounting firm. These audited financial statements are available to any donor at the UWCNM offices or as a pdf online.

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The following documents have been approved by UWCNM's Board of Directors:

UWCNM Policies