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Our Strategies

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There is no simple solution to the complex problems of poverty and the unpredictability of life. That’s why UWCNM believes in a holistic, multi-dimensional approach to the issues facing our community. We foster collaboration with partners from many sectors to employ a collective impact approach that utilizes results-based accountability.

The challenge is to not lose focus, which is why we build our strategy on the cornerstones of education, health, and basic needs and financial stability. Meet our current grantees. All of our programs and partners pour their energy into addressing these issues.

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A Multi-Pronged Approach

Our strategies are cross-cutting, and include grants to local nonprofit organizations, partnerships with both public and private sectors, and community services.

UWCNM has always sought to approach our mission creatively and from multiple angles. We don’t simply give money to local nonprofits; we also support their growth through the Center for Nonprofit Excellence.

We don’t just seek out nonprofits with an educational focus; we join institutional forces through Mission: Graduate.

We partner with service-project powerhouses, like the AFL-CIO Community Service Program; we coordinate community services through Tax Help New Mexico, and our 2-1-1 information and referral line.

At UWCNM we are constantly looking for new ways to connect, empower, fund, and inspire, so that the credit for our work truly belongs to the entire community. Want to learn more about our approach? Read our strategic plan.

UWCNM Strategic Plan