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Senior Leadership

Ed Rivera

President & CEO

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Jeanette Brahl

Jeanette Brahl

Chief Communications Officer

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Jennifer Mastripolito

Vice President of Community Impact

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Cecillia Rivas

Chief Financial Officer

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Randy Woodcock

Vice President of Development

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Lois Holm

Senior Customer Service Specialist

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Susan Spaeth

Customer Service Specialist

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Center for Nonprofit Excellence

Larry Alei

Director, Encore Fellowship Program

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Amanda Douglas

Communications Manager

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Roberta Garcia

Project Manager, Encore Fellow

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Kira Luna

Education Manager

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Communications Department

Sarah Biondi

Marketing Manager

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Janet Ortega

Event Planner

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Leah Sudduth

Graphic Designer

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Community Impact Team

Heba Atwa-Kramer

Director of Community Impact

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Kat Bradley

Community Impact Grant Administrator

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Chehreh Gibson

United Way 2-1-1 Coordinator

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Jeffrey Ledbetter

Program Manager, Tax Help New Mexico

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Bev McMillan

Family Advocacy Center Coordinator

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Development Team

Melissa Dracup

Tocqueville Society Director

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Melissa Fox

Development Officer, Young Leaders Society

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Nina Freer

Development Team Administrator

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Alice Keator

Administrative Assistant to Major Gifts

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Stephanie Kozemchak

Senior Development Officer and Manager of the Hispanic Philanthropic Society

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Chris Morrison

Director of Workplace Campaigns, Women in Philanthropy

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Alfredo Rivera

Development Officer

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Evita Sinclair

Tocqueville Society Donor Relations Officer

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Larry Strickland

Director of Donor Impact

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Paul Vuchetich

Development Officer, Guys Give

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Finance & Human Resources

Melissa Barela

Pledge Processing Team Lead

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Annamarie Davis

Donor Designation Specialist

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Celeste English

Payment Processing Specialist

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Maya Limanovich

Senior Accountant

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Joe McDermott

Staff Accountant A/R

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Elisa Phillips

General Ledger Accountant

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Information Technology Department

Kelly Albers

Information Systems Support Specialist

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Susan Ellsworth

Director of Information Technology

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Marsey Hawley

Technical Operations Specialist & Facilities Manager

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Jennifer Moon

Senior Applications Specialist

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Mission: Graduate

Leigh Durham

Graduate! ABQ Coach

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Elizabeth Exil

Project Associate

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Angelo Gonzales

Executive Director

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Deborah Good

Data and Research Manager

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Selena Hardy

Project Associate

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Ruth Juarez

Research Scientist

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Derek Kuit

Research Fellow

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Delma Madrigal

Adult College Completion Manager

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Tracy McDaniel

ECAP Coordinator

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Dan Mendelsohn

Education Transition Specialist

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Emily Padilla

Communications Specialist

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Anne Tafoya

Administrative Assistant

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Teri Wimborne

Director of Collective Impact

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