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Mission: Graduate

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Spearheaded by United Way of Central New Mexico, Mission: Graduate is a cradle-to-career education partnership that serves Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, and Valencia Counties. It brings together more than 300 educators, local employers, educational support providers, government leaders, and citizens who are committed to a big goal for student success.

Mission: Graduate’s Goal  

Add 60,000 new graduates with college degrees and certificates to the central New Mexico workforce by 2020.

Mission: Graduate works by:

  • Using data to track progress and make improvements
  • Identifying effective educational practices
  • Leveraging and aligning existing resources to replicate and spread impactful practices
  • Collaborating with our partners and their organizations to develop and implement strategies that can help every student succeed

Along with our partners, Mission: Graduate is working on several strategies that span the cradle-to-career spectrum. 

“The thing Mission: Graduate does is make everybody see that it’s a community issue, not a CNM issue, not a UNM issue. It is a community issue that we infuse this area with as many degrees as possible.”

- Sydney Gunthorpe, Vice President of Academic Affairs at CNM and Chair of the College Completion Network

Visit the Mission: Graduate Website