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As UWCNM continues to evolve, with new and exciting changes on the horizon, we need to ensure that our community understands where we’re headed and why. Current and former UWCNM volunteers’ engagement as Ambassadors is a key part of that communication plan.

A UWCNM Ambassador:

  • Advocates for UWCNM in our community
  • Provides feedback from the community to UWCNM
  • Serves as both official (representing UWCNM at events) and unofficial (sharing the UWCNM story with coworkers, friends and family) representative
  • Engages through social media

UWCNM Ambassadors are a group of dedicated volunteers briefed on the past, present, and future of our organization. Their primary role is sharing this knowledge with their networks – and bringing ideas and inspiration from the community back to us.

Interested in Serving as an Ambassador?

Learn more about UWCNM Ambassadors by contacting or 505-247-3671.