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Community Partners

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Our community partners are the hands, legs, and not-so-secret heart of UWCNM. They connect our community, drum up enthusiasm, and donate funds and services that extend our reach.

Our impact is inseparable from the work of our partners- from media to community groups, to nonprofits and businesses.

UWCNM Partners

  • Corporate Cornerstones Partners generously donate the funds required to support the work of UWCNM.
  • Media United Partners make it possible for us to reach the community in their homes through radio, television, and print, at no cost. In 2014 Media United Partners provided over $375,000 of free advertising space to us.
  • Union Community Service Partners (AFL-CIO Community Service Program) support our 2-1-1 information line and instigate dozens of community service projects.
  • Workplace Giving Partners raise funds for our Community Fund, distributed among nonprofits and UWCNM services. 
  • 100+ Nonprofits receive funding from UWCNM each year, to do the hard yet impactful work that truly changes lives and improves our community.

Each partner mentioned has served a vital role for UWCNM, and has set an example for their employees and colleagues as a model of community service.