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Alayna Gets a Home

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In 2014-15, ‪UWCNM‬'s Community Fund partnered with Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico, which pioneered a successful supportive housing model at its own properties, plus community locations totaling 641 units, using an approach to ending homelessness that centers on quickly providing housing and then supportive services as needed. Here is a story of one of their clients:

Alayna's Story

Alayna was raised in an abusive home and started experiencing mood swings at a young age. Feeling alone and vulnerable, she began to act out in destructive ways. She turned to drugs and had her first of four children at 17. Then, at age 29, Alayna had an epiphany,

"I didn’t want to do drugs and be in trouble with the law.”

She set out to become healthy, but that didn’t come without sacrifice, and she gave up all four of her children, “Because I wasn’t a good parent.” Alayna went on to earn her GED, obtain a drivers’ license, and complete her probation and parole. And while she was making progress, she still had no place to call home. 

Grateful for a Home

Finally, in 2012, Alayna received a diagnosis that would not only help her begin to recover, but also made her eligible for assistance. This led her to the Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico and what has now been her apartment for over three years. A culinary arts student at CNM Central New Mexico Community College, Alayna is grateful every day that she finally has a safe place to live.

Photo provided by the Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico.