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Workplace Giving

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Dunk tanks, food, carnivals…these activites represent just a fraction of the fun folks have during a Workplace Giving Campaign. But the real underlying reward lies in the opportunity to help your friends, neighbors, and community.

Campaign Cabinet

Each year, the UWCNM Campaign is run by a group of dedicated volunteers known as the Campaign Cabinet. This team guides the strategic direction of the annual campaign, sets goals, and coordinates with staff to ensure that each campaign is properly supported and executed.

Employee Campaign Managers

The business leaders of central New Mexico choose their best and brightest to lead their workplace campaigns under the leadership of the volunteer Employee Campaign Manager Council. These community champions are known to UWCNM as Employee Campaign Managers (ECMs). ECMs are talented, creative and passionate about giving back and getting involved.

In 2016 UWCNM worked with more than 246 ECMs from 233 companies. This allowed UWCNM to reach out to more than 96,000 employees and ask them to contribute to their passion.

Check out our Campaign Toolkit to explore the various resources available for your workplace campaign.

Campaign Awards

UWCNM annually awards those workplace campaigns that have exemplified LIVE UNITED and utilized best practices in support of our community. These awards are based on a variety of factors, including Cornerstone Program support, total dollars raised, employee participation, and more.